Abjosh (Munakka) 250gms

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Munakka is the quality product of Indianuts – Online Dryfruit and Imported Abjosh is basically dried grapes in a specific manner, thus it contains all the benefits of grapes as well. It is a relief from fatigue and other benefits of Munakka include overall health of body, controls constipation. It is seldom used as a preventive against alcohol addiction maintained here.
Regular Munakka has the same taste like the premium one thus uniformity in taste only differ in size. The size is smaller than premium ones.
Most of the helpful qualities of grapes can be found in Munnaka. Even though it is hard to digest, Munnaka is cooling and sweet.
Grapes that are dried in a certain manner become Munakka. Most of the helpful qualities of grapes can be found in Munakka. Munakka is cooling and sweet. It is beneficial to the cardiovascular system and also provides relief from fatigue. Further down are other health benefits of munakka :- Health Benefits of Munakka 1.) Munakka is rich in iron. It raises the hemoglobin content in the blood and is an excellent remedy for people with anemia. Munakka also helps to treat other diseases of the blood that are caused by chronic fevers and inflammation. 2.) One of the other benefits of munakka is its ability to give relief to the body from fatigue. If you are feeling tired due to malnutrition, excess workload, or old age, then mix a few munakkas in milk and consume it every day. As it is rich in vitamin-B complex and protein, munakka strengthens the immune system. 3.) It is an excellent remedy for constipation. Munakka eases the stool passage as it contains malic acid. How to eat munakka for constipation? All you need to do is boil ten munakkas in milk. Eat it and drink the milk. 4.) One of the other health benefits of munakka is that it purifies the blood. 5.) Munakka is rich in calcium and best for providing boron, which is good for teeth health. 6.) If you have fever and cold, then it is an excellent medicine. Consume the mixture in the night before going to bed. 7.) Munakka also works as a natural sexual booster as it increases blood and semen. 8.) Munakka’s health benefits do not end here. It even controls the desire for drinking alcohol. The desire to have alcohol will gradually go away if you regularly eat munakka.

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