We are a two decade old in wholesale business of nuts and dry fruits, during this tenure we clearly understand the quality, storing and hygienic packaging for longer freshness. After successful running and establishing ourselves in wholesale business we decided to reach people  directly and give best products so we have launch, a modern medium to connect masses. We will provide best selected product directly to our customers with high quality in competitive price directly to your premises

Our Philosophy

At Indianuts, we are passionate about nutrition you can delight in. We offer our customers the most enjoyable experience not only by picking the finest, most lush products we can find but by packing our items hygienically and keeping our inventories low to ensure freshness. Indianuts brings snacking to a whole new variety of nuts, seeds and dried fruits — a rich collection that can’t be found anywhere else.

Many ask, “What’s the difference between your products and other regular products?” The answer is simple: other regular products can be potentially packed with harmful chemicals to increase self life that might have impact on your body; ours are not, we keep low inventory, faster movement thus it is always a fresh stock. Our products are naturally delicious and with no artificial enhancers thus provide the fresh nutrition that our bodies are meant to experience.

By choosing Indianuts, you will give your body the wholesome pampering, it requires from daily nutrient intake, while treating your taste buds to the naturally delectable taste of our products.

Our Vision

To provide high quality nuts and dry fruits, packed hygienically in attractive packs to our clients

Our Mission

Today millions of people are struggling and getting puzzle to choose right nutritive variety of nuts and dry fruits. We at Indianuts have pledge to provide best nuts and dry fruits to our customer in turns everyone get right nutrients and stays healthy 

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